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  If you believe a business or person with whom you have had a contract has breached or did not fulfill their part of the contract, then you need immediate legal representation to protect your rights and enforce your contract.

There are several types of damage that may occur in a breach of contract they are:

Compensatory Damages

  These are damages that are awarded to compensate the non-breaching party for losses suffered after a breach of contract has occurred. They are not intended to punish the party that breached the contract but to make the party against whom the breach occurred “whole.”

There are two subcategories of compensatory damages:

  • Expectation damages, they cover the injured the party for what was anticipated to be attained in the contract. Based on the contract terms calculating these damages is usually uncomplicated and straightforward.
  • Consequential damages reimburse the injured party outside of what is based within the contract. For example, if a loss of business occurs from an unfulfilled promise.
Equitable Remedies

  These remedies are when a court orders a party to do or not do something in a specific way, they most likely will not include monetary remedies for example if a party breached a contract the court may force them to perform their promises, or a contract may need to be rewritten with different terms that are fair to both parties.


Liquidation Damages


  These are damages that are specifically expressed in the contract, they may be necessary to estimate as some damages are difficult to anticipate. These damages are generally agreed on by both parties in the contract.

For example, if you are building a home, according to the contract it must be completed by a certain day, but the builder sometimes may take longer to complete the construction, so within the contract there is a provision that a $2000 per day charge will be incurred until the construction of the home is completed.

A court might rule that these liquidation damages are excessive, so it is imperative that the amounts be reasonable within the contract terms.

Punitive Damages

  Punitive damages are designed to punish the party that breached the contract and to discourage others from engaging in breaching contracts, although not typically awarded in purely breach of contract cases, punitive damages may be granted in fraud cases or in tort actions that pertain to a contract breach.

Nominal Damages

  These damages are not large sums paid to the injured party but are typically granted when the court wants to indicate the injured party was correct. They are more symbolic and may be a small sum.

Ordinary Damages

  These are damages that are probable and occur naturally for example is the price went up on an item and the contract term prices were locked in at a certain rate the injured party may sue for the difference of the price increase.

We work with our clients to form a strategic plan that will help them realize their goals. Our attorney can help you understand your options and carefully consider the options, risks, types of damages and recourses available to you in your case.


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