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Civil litigation is a pending before a Trial Court non-criminal dispute between two or more parties; those parties may be persons or businesses.

    Our firm offers a big variety of options to resolve the dispute in the most efficient way.   Regardless of whether your are a complainant, or defendant, and whether the litigation is yet to be commenced, was already commenced, or at the middle of its discovery stage, our firm offers services that can help you   (i) to evaluate your current position, and   (ii) to make a decision as to the best resolution for your particular situation.


    We can help both businesses and individuals in many forms of legal disputes.

If you have been served with a lawsuit or received a demand letter, we can help you understand what options and choices are available to protect your rights.   If you are considering filing a lawsuit, retaining an attorney to help guide you can help produce the results you are seeking.

Some of the types of disputes we can help with are:


    – Real Estate disputes

    – Business disputes

    – Contract disputes

    – Breach of Contract disputes

    – Employee disputes

    – Zoning disputes

    – Property line disputes

    – Contractor disputes

And many others.


There are Six Steps in a Civil Proceeding (case)

  1. Dispute arises when two or more parties have a disagreement and are unable to resolve it.
  2. Pleading, one of the parties in the dispute decides to file a formal complaint / petition.
  3. Discovery, each party examines the details relating to the dispute
  4. Pre-Trial, all parties gather evidence and witnesses
  5. Trial, each party presents their side of the story, if the disputed matter is regarding an issue of fact then a jury will decide the outcome, if the matter is regarding an issue of law then a judge will make the decision.
  6. Post-Trial, each party must abide by what the court decided, if the person who lost does not agree that the trial was fair then they may appeal the decision, but must do so in a timely manner.

    Some situations may have a different course of events occur, as every situation is unique.


    We will work diligently on your behalf to resolve the dispute.   Going to trial, is both expensive and time consuming, that is why at Arvian Law Firm our goal is to have the issue resolved in the best way possible, as quickly as possible for the least amount of money for the clients.  


    Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant and you believe you have been wronged and someone may owe you money then you can сall us for a **free** consultation 314-530-7575 

Your Case is Not Lost, Appeal Now!

Erroneous judgements may be reversed on appeal, if your case suffered an adverse judgment, call today to speak about filing for appeal

    An Appellate lawyer represents a client in a case that has been turned over to a higher court for review.

  What is an appeal?

  In general, here’s what you need to know about an appeal:

  – An appeal is a challenge of an earlier decision that’s presented to a higher court for review.

  – Appeals generally are based on procedural errors that take place at the trial level.

  – The appellate courts review the rulings of law to decide whether these errors had an impact on the result or made the trial unfair.

  – Note that the appellate courts review only the legal aspects of a case; they don’t reopen the facts of a case already found by the lower court.

  – Appellate courts won’t consider legal arguments that weren’t mentioned, or weren’t objected to, by counsel at the lower court level.

  – The appellate court will only grant relief if the erroneous ruling was harmful to the outcome.

    If a court ruled in your case and you feel there was a mistake made, your case was dismissed without proper procedure or the penalty was too harsh, we can work with you on producing a better result.

   Most Lawyers do not practice this type of law and therefore it is imperative for you to have a lawyer that has in-depth knowledge and expertise on the topic.

  When something goes wrong in a trial, the appellate Lawyer helps the client by filing a Notice of Appeal and drafting an Appellate brief to point out those issues so that a higher court may make a judgment based on the issues raised during the pre-trial and trial, normally no new evidence may be introduced in the appeal process.

Appeals can be complicated and complex, call us now to schedule a free consultation   +1 888 611 1177

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